Power generation from biomass

Techno-economic assessment

The techno-economic assessment will cover:

Technology state of the art - Review the state of the art of small to medium scale biomass CHP in Europe, with a particular focus on engines and small gas turbines. Information will be collated and analysed on previous reviews and status reports.

Technical evaluation - Careful analysis of recent and existing systems will be used to identify knowledge gaps, major uncertainties and Research, Development and Demonstration (RDD&D) needs.

Economic assessment - An important commercial aspect for implementation of biomass CHP is the system performance and cost. Data will be collated and analysed from prior and current R&D projects as well as from industrial technology developers. A significant feature of CHP systems is the relative value of heat and power and the variable requirements of the consumers. This will be integrated with representative data on biomass feedstock costs to establish probable heat and power production costs in a variety of situations and locations across Europe and Russia.