Power generation from biomass

Training and Education materials

The Bioliquids-CHP project team prepared training and education materials targeted to Master students with scientific and/or technical backgrounds. Topics covered by the training materials include:

1. Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel: product specifications, production technologies
1.1 Oil crops
1.2 Vegetable oil production: centralized and decentralized extraction
1.3 Biodiesel: production processes from vegetable oil
1.4 Vegetable oil and biodiesel: norms & standards
1.5 Environment and sustainability

2. Biomass Pyrolysis Oil: product specifications, production technologies, and upgrading
2.1 Pyrolysis introduction
2.2 Pyrolysis for pretreatment and densification
2.3 Direct use of whole bio-oil
2.4 Upgrading bio-oil
2.5 Bio-oil for biofuels
2.6 Chemicals
2.7 Residue processing
2.8 Combinations
2.9 Intermediate pyrolysis
2.10 Slow pyrolysis
2.11 Torrefaction
2.12 Biochar
2.13 Challenges

3. Combustion of fast pyrolysis oil in diesel engines
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Fast pyrolysis
3.3 Fast pyrolysis oil (FPO)
3.4 Engine categories
3.5 Engine principles
3.6 Engine fuel and fuel system
3.7 FPO combustion trials from the past

4. Economics
4.1 Principles of economic evaluation
4.2 Capital costs
4.3 Time and location effects
4.4 Variable costs
4.5 Economic evaulation
4.6 Tutorials and problems

How to download a copy of the training & education materials

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