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AMO ZIL (the trademark "ZIL") is the oldest Russian automobile plant. It was established in 1916, and between 1924 and 2000 they have produced a.o. almost 8 million trucks units, 40,000 buses units and almost 12,000 high class passenger automobiles. By the end of the 20th century AMO ZIL produced more than 120 car models and established over 800 plants and workshops that make related components for them. In the period 1998-2000, ZIL produced 22,000 trucks.

Nowadays, the company develops dynamically. Together with other companies, ZIL now produces a great range of trucks, vans, buses and limousines on the basis of ZIL chassis. The company also manufactures a variety of specialised vehicles and equipment, such as: municipal ambulances, fire-fighting vehicles, combined road sweeping vehicles, emergency-repair vehicles, tank trucks, car lifts, dump and cross-country 4x4 and 6x6 trucks etc. ZIL recognizes the importance of quality improvement of its vehicles. Improvements and ndevices are constantly being made, and as they become available are installed on a number of models. Since January 2005, the list of available enhancements has been increasing exponentially. Most of vehicles produced have an entire range of modifications and options available to suit customer’s needs, e.g. the list of the Foreign Trade Company “ZIL-Export” includes about 300 modifications of vans that are available.

The market for stationary diesel engines for power production is considered by ZIL as a new potentially huge, market where their expertise and know-how on automobile engines can be of enormous value. Together with NAMI, one of the largest engine research centres in the world, ZIL is willing to set the next step forward.

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