Power generation from biomass


On 8 november 2011 we organised a free dissemination event

Symposium on using bioliquids in engines and turbines in CHP applications

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The combustion of plant oils in diesel engines, whether or not after esterification to biodiesel, is possible but for the less desirable future because they are derived from food crops (first generation biofuels). Fast pyrolysis liquids derived from ligno-cellulosic materials (second generation biofuels type) are more sustainable but their combustion in prime movers like turbines or engines presents technical problems.

The aim of the Bioliquids-CHP project (Engine and turbine combustion for combined heat and power production) is to adapt a diesel engine and a micro gas turbine to enable the combustion of various bio-liquids including pyrolysis oils and blends. The project also aims at upgrading such oils to make them easier to use in engines and at developing catalysts and a system for NOx removal from diesel engine exhaust gases.

The Bioliquids-CHP project is coordinated by BTG Biomass Technology Group B.V. (the Netherlands) and will be carried out by a consortium of seven European and Russian complementary partners, including two SMEs, two industrial companies, two universities and a research center. Coordination tasks are split between technical coordination and overall coordination.

Overall coordination:
John Vos
Tel. +31-53-486 1186
Technical coordination:
Bert van de Beld
Tel. +31-53-486 2288

The project is funded through the European Commission (7th Framework Programme, Grant FP7-227303) and the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation of the Russian Federation (FASI contract 02.527.11.0003).

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